“Experts” Waste Over Four Hours Playing Travel Agent

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A note from Caravan-Serai’s President

Our office gets calls regularly about the safety of traveling to the regions that we service.  This is not something new to Caravan-Serai staff.  I would say that probably every week someone in this office gets an email or a phone call asking whether it’s safe to go to Jordan, Iran, Turkey, Egypt etc.  Most of the people calling and asking these questions are people that have never been to the region or their families are scaring them from going ...

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Gente de Zona | Havana Cultura

In preparation for our upcoming tours to Cuba, check out this page and the full website for music, arts, culture of Cuba. Great music and videos to get you in the mood for an evening of salsa, reggaeton, jazz, or whatever your heart desires! 

Discover Gente De Zona’s interview, photos and articles on Havana-Cultura. Gente De Zona is a cuban hip hop music group primarily based on reggaeton.

Source: Gente de Zona | Havana Cultura