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  • I am very happy with all the arrangements Caravan-Serai hs made for me here and in Libya, and would recommend their services to everyone.Clifford K. - Libya & Algeria, 2010

  • ...we are unanimous in our appreciation of your effort in ensuring a memorable experience for each of us. You provided many "extras" and I thank you for your generosity, your sense of humor, forthrightness and expertise.Elena O. - Levantine Adventure, March 2010

Algeria, in spite of the small number of tourists that visit each year, is a fascinating country. It has wealth of historical sites, including many designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is also a diverse country with major cities along the coast that are products of the many invaders and conquerors from the sea, to the interior desert and mountains that are home to the Tuareg people. Algeria has much to offer the visitor!

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