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We have had some requests for maps of our tour routes recently, so I am trying to create route maps in Google Maps. I just finished the map for our Caucasus tour this fall, and will post the link to the others as I complete them. Please excuse the roughness- I am still figuring it...

This was sent in by Julius W. who went on our April tour to the Caucasus, including Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia. Thank you Julius for sharing! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A small group of 10 of us recently returned from Caravan Serai’s tour through the Caucasus- Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia.  What an incredible time!  Caravan Serai organized a...

One question that we always get about this time of year as people are planning their summer holidays is how to deal with their money (cash, credit cards, ATMs) while traveling.  What kind of currency, the use of ATM machines, what credit cards to take, should I exchange money before leaving, etc. I hope this...

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