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Best Finds in Morocco

Heading to Morocco? Awesome! Morocco is an amazing country with plenty to see and do. You will no doubt have plenty of opportunities to try traditional Moroccan dishes, see the famous sights and take lots of photos. But what should you look for that you can bring home and every time you see it be...

BBC Travel: Why 2020 is the Year to Visit Cairo

By Lindsey Galloway 13 January 2020 Founded in 969AD, modern Cairo may seem young in comparison to the 4,500-year-old pyramids just across the Nile. But the city has seen its own share of history in its lifetime, including occupations by the Ottomans and British and revolutions that changed the course of the country. Cairo and...

SCM Update

SCM just did a drive to collect funds for rubber boots for the refugee children in Jordan. Our goal of $5000 was met in about 36 hours! We have asked for boots to be donated for our next container but we couldn’t wait for the container to be loaded and sent, they need the boots...

Introduction to Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco, located on the northwestern “corner” of the African continent, is truly a melting pot of cultures and traditions. Arab, Berber, and European influences are prevalent throughout the country. Morocco is on what was once known as the Barbary Coast, named for the Berbers that dominated in the region, a name used...

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