A message from Rita Zawaideh

February 24, 2014by Brenda

For people that have gone on our tours know that we care about the destinations that we take you to and are very involved in the humanitarian efforts of helping those countries.  We want you to go on our trips knowing that we are helping the people that you are visiting long after the trip has finished.

You might have noticed the last couple of years we have been very involved in the situation in Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine and now Syria. Besides just doing the tours and taking you into those countries to see the sites first hand, but also to visit with the people and see what they are going through. For the last couple of years we have been focusing on helping the Syrians through medical missions and humanitarian aid. The missions take place about every 45-60 days in Jordan, where we run ad hoc clinics, distribute medications, and provide medical supplies and equipment to permanent existing medical clinics that are overwhelmed with the task of helping the displaced Syrians flooding into Jordan. We have also been taking in humanitarian goods and sending containers of clothing, medical supplies and blankets.  We are during this under our NGO- www.salaamculturalmuseum.org.

I have heard so many times from clients that have gone on trips with us about their fond memories of their trip, and asking about the people that they met and what has happened to them during the civil war in Syria. Because of these letters and emails it has made me realize that what I had wanted to do with Caravan-Serai Tours in opening the doors to the Middle East and North Africa is working and people are seeing the real people and not just a place or pin on their travel map.

So many of you that have been on our trips make donations to help us with our blanket and medical drives and I want to thank you on behalf of all the recipients of this aid. It has been tremendous. I recently had some people who knitted hats and gloves for the children during the cold weather, and with each set they included a card with their picture and a note with a bit about themselves.  When these were delivered the smiles that they put on the faces of the children just melted out hearts.

We wanted to let you know that we also partner with other organizations such as Mercy Corps, Save the Children, MECA, MEU, MESA, St. Marks Concern Group, Rachel Corrie Foundation and many others.

We find that the people that travel with us want to be educated about the world and also have caring hearts and are willing to open themselves up and learn about the world.

We thank you for being those people and we thank you for the trust that you put in us at Caravan-Serai Tours.

Rita Zawaideh

Owner/President of Caravan-Serai Tours

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