A Poem about our Tour of Saudi Arabia

February 29, 2012by Brenda Pierce
This poem was written by one of our participants on our tour of Saudi Arabia, which just returned home last week. Thank you! 
A trip of a lifetime for all of us……….
Encompassed the sites of Saudi by bus!
Maneuvering the abaya was a challenge to be seen…
Especially in squat toilets and if you know what I mean!
The scarves were a blessing on a bad hair day
But more important kept the mutawa’s at bay
From Riyadh to Najran we arrived by plane
All of our friends thought we were totally insane
Yalla Yalla was one mantra early each morn
“Delightful Dawi proudly shared where he was born”
With warm hospitality and led us to very awesome sites
 stunning and thrilling in a myriad of different lights
With a naughty boy laugh and a gleem in his eyes he taught us where ancient civilizations lies
We photographed many magnificent carvings in the rocks but “Oh my Allah” the sand in our socks
Being so close to the Yemen border was sad
For it could have been another country to add
The souks were enticing for all that we sought
spices and fragrances were mostly bought ( and a much needed warm coat)
The site of Qraya an archeological dig of all of the trip highlights that was quite big
The markets for camels and goats were fun
We envisioned the caravans enduring the sun
We were escorted by police that monitor our time
Of course I had to include that in this dumb rhyme
It really is a mans world here
Womens liberation is unheard of – I fear
Kabsa is a delish Saudi meal
yet eating with our hands we couldn’t get the feel
Such a vast history of remnants of past
How special for us that it has lasted
So lucky we are to have experienced it
In our hearts the memories will always sit
Thank you “our remarkable Rita” for giving us this wonderful opportunity that opened our eyes to Saudi – a beautiful land

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