Agra and back to Dehli (sent late May 1st)

May 3, 2011by Brenda Pierce

Rita’s last day in India:

Left Agra last night after visiting the most unbelievable museum in Kohinoor – it has the most beautiful gems – emeralds that are billions of dollars and also pictures that were made from gems and embroidered with silk threads on top of silk thread so made it seems three dimensional. The artist has been written up in National Geographic. Some beautiful stuff and the owner is so humble and nice – it is a family run business.

Then we had a long drive back to Delhi – it took 5 hours and the traffic is really very heavy in the evening.

Before I left Agra I went to see the Oberoi Hotel where every room in the hotel has a view of the Taj Mahal. For $500 for a standard room the service and the people and the location are perfect. They have a great spa. The prices were about the same as other hotels that I visited. I was surprised at the prices for 4 star hotels – they were very high, running at $250 and upwards for standard rooms.

Agra is a shoppers paradise and you can get a lot of beautiful items and a lot of jewelry in garnets, rubies, sapphires for very low prices. But it depends on the quality like everything else. Also you will find sandals, shoes, and other leather goods. So come with an empty suitcase to carry your gifts back. I came with a carry on and really had to stop myself from not buying up a storm, which I usually do.

Today is my last day in India before I take a red eye flight out of here. Hoping that the flight will go out since Air India is still on strike and 126 flights have been cancelled. Only 10 pilots have shown up to work. What the airline is doing for some is taking people by train to other big cities and combining the flights. This would mean filled flights. Which will not be great – the flight that I had on the way over was half empty so I was able to stretch out and sleep most of the flight over. Air India, if you have never flown it, is really a good airline and the flight attendants were so nice and accommodating to everyone.

Going out for some last minute shopping and running around to the city. I am told that the temperature is down to 98 today so it will be a bit cooler.
Back with more later.

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