Airline Baggage Policy Changes

November 14, 2012by Brenda Pierce

We received this notice from Alaska Airlines about their new baggage policy and baggage fees. It has always made more sense to get your flights all on one ticket, this is just another reason why. Sometimes online ticketing sites won’t let you get to your ultimate destination on one ticket. If that is the case, before purchasing separate tickets for the various legs of your trip, call us and see if we can’t get your trip on one ticket – sometimes we can! It will save you a lot of hassle. If you can’t get your air travels on one ticket, be sure to follow the guidelines below for allowing time to collect and recheck bags for each segment.


Due to the Department of Transportation’s Enhanced Passenger Protection ruling, many air carriers including Alaska have made policy to promote single ticket itineraries to avoid the inconsistency of checked baggage fees.

Single Ticket Itinerary Policy

Alaska Airlines will check bags through to a passenger’s final destination, or first stopover, for tickets booked as a single ticket.

This policy is effective for tickets purchased on/after November 15, 2012 and for travel on/after January 15, 2013.

Alaska will no longer check bags through to a destination purchased on a separate ticket.

Booking a customer’s itinerary on a single ticket helps ensure a hassle-free travel experience and the following benefits:

  * Only one bag fee applies from departure to destination (or stopover).
  * Customer can take advantage of the shortest possible connection times.

If it is necessary to book an itinerary using multiple carriers on multiple tickets, ensure that the passenger has enough time to claim, re-check their baggage and pay the applicable baggage fees. A connection time of two hour or more to claim and re-check a bag is generally acceptable; however, it is the booking entity’s responsibility to also consider the specific airport terminal, domestic versus international travel or the passenger’s specific travel needs.

Published minimum connection times should not be used for this calculation as these times are used for calculating baggage that is checked through.

Exception: Customers connecting and using two Alaska Airlines tickets where travel is wholly on Alaska Airlines with flights operated by Horizon Air, SkyWest or Pen Air (between DUT and ANC only) may check their baggage through to a stopover point or the final destination if the baggage transfer rules are met.

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