Armenian Wines Are Kicking With Quality ~ Forbes

February 10, 2020by Brenda

If you are a wine enthusiast, visiting Armenia and seeing the birthplace of wine should be on your bucket list. Armenia’s wine industry is booming now and you can see and experience is for yourself on our Caucasus Food and Wine Tour in October. Even Forbes Magazine is excited about the Armenia wine scene. You can read about here: Armenian Wines Are Kicking With Quality ~ Forbes

Armenian Wine In History
Beginning over a decade ago a series of archaeological ‘firsts’ were discovered in a cliffside cave near the mountain town of Areni. These included the earliest known shoe, the oldest known brain tissue from the Old World and a 6,100-year-old winery—the earliest ever discovered on earth. In what is now known as the Areni-1 Cave, the public can view clay cylindrical containers (each more than a yard/meter in diameter) where wine was produced for burial ceremonies.

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