As Syria Melts Down, Ice Cream Shop Sets Up In Jordan

May 7, 2013by Brenda

Many of you who have been on our tours might remember this ice cream shop in the souk in Damascus. We usually tried to stop by there for a little treat – the ice cream is delicious!


As Syria Melts Down, Ice Cream Shop Sets Up In Jordan

IceCreamShopBakdash is a landmark in the Syrian capital, serving the Arab world’s most famous ice cream since 1895. Manually churned with wooden paddles, loaded with milk, sugar and a generous coating of pistachios, Bakdash ice cream is memorable treat for any visitor to Damascus.

But, when a branch opened this week in Amman, Jordan, it was seen as another casualty of the Syrian war.

“It means there is no sense of security and safety in Damascus,” says journalist Fahd al Kheytaan, “which forced the company to move some of its operation to Jordan.”

It also means that economic activity is quite slow, he adds. Syria’s economy is estimated to have shrunk by more than half since the uprising began a little more than two years ago. And the owners of Bakdash recognize the customer base has moved, Kheytaan says.


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