Call for entries

March 11, 2009by Brenda Pierce

This is a call for any past Caravan-Serai travelers to send in their experiences while on one of our tours. Also, if you are about to depart on one of our tours and would like to share your experiences in almost real time, email me from time to time while you are traveling with your thoughts and I will get them posted here. Also, any photos you would like to share, send those as well and I will get them posted. I am also going to change the set up of this blog to allow you to comment directly from here so we can have more of a conversation about traveling in the Middle East. Ask questions, give tips and observations, or just share a story about your travels.

Our goal at Caravan-Serai Tours is to provide educational travel experiences which in turn will help promote better understanding between Americans and the Middle East.

Thank you!!

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