Caspian Saga

November 13, 2012by Brenda Pierce

This was written by one of our tour participants on the Caucasus Tour Oct 27 – Nov 9, 2012. We had a great time, excellent food, amazing sites, and wonderful people. Thanks for sharing this fun poem, Dona!


In October of 2012 our group set out
To discover what the Caucasus were all about
We started out in Azerbaijan on the Caspian Sea
In Baku an amazing great city to see

Baku is really a mix of the old and the new
With lots of buildings for us to view
Old Town is really a delight
And the designer shops were quite the sight

In Baku we saw old paintings on rock
We saw the Caspian Sea without a dock
We watched the flames on the buildings tall
Saw the fireworks  over the water fall

We dined outside in places without sound
In private places with greenery around
We tried all the new foods with great delight
Some of the dishes were quite a sight.

The fresh bread was way too good
Causing us to eat more than we really should
The appetizers were really a full meal
But we did not stop there which was a bad deal

We visited markets with produce and meat
It was so fresh but didn’t want animal feet
The spices and nuts and honey to sell
At least the people here can eat well

Our guide, Yasim, in Azerbaijan was  pleasing
We laughed and joked and he took our teasing
But at the border we had to leave him
Our view of him will not soon grow dim

Then  we met up with Tamara  our guide
In Georgia she has lots of pride
She knows  so much and she tried to share it
But into some of our minds – it surely does not fit

The first night in Georgia  at a guest house we did stay
They were delightful to introduce us to their way
Our hosts there showered us with food and toasts galore
Our time there  showed us what was in store

We visited  old houses and museums along the way
Keeping up was hard so we did not stray
There are walls and museums of all kinds of things
Fashions, statues  and even some rings

We ate our way around the city
If our stomachs were only larger- what a pity
Our group is getting to know one another
And only in the churches our heads we did cover

Tbilisi is a very interesting city
Too bad it is poor which is a pity
But they have only been a country for 20 years
They are so proud of their freedom with no Russian fears

Lastly to Armenia we finally went
Now Laura was the guide that heaven sent
Seems the whole country is full of heritage sites
Monasteries and churches with no lights

We saw frescoes in  churches and monastaries
We saw walls that must have been  built  by fairies
We saw carvings most everywhere
And statues at which we often did  stare

We  drove on curvy roads that were bumpy
Seeing small towns and buildings that were frumpy
We stayed in a place way too small
About all  there was to do is look at wall

A lake was seen along the way
Lunch was from many a full tray
Then 290 steps to see the view
It was done by the real tough few

We have all eaten way too much food
But it seems to keep us in a good mood
The tomatoes and cukes were devine
The many breads were really fine

We had great fruit and lots of cheese
Eggplant dishes went in the breeze
Trying new foods is really fun
We ate until we were finally done

Lunch in a cave was a real hit
The lavash was bigger by quite a bit
The Grand Candy store was too much fun
Some of us will hit it again on the run

Yerevan is full of churches and museums
Laura set out to have us all see um
There is just way too much to learn and see
Not possible  in a short time where to be.

Our last day together was great
The Pagan temple had nothing we could hate
The singers there were a great surprise
For them they really had our ears and eyes

The museum of history was out last stop
It helped us to learn a lot
This journey  has been quite an experience
At times it took lots of endurance!

Now this group is an amazing  bunch
We talked constantly over lunch
All  have traveled to many places
Bringing us new dimension to our faces

Stacey is the one to go to for hats
Sloan is the one who seems to likes dogs and cats
These east coast sisters seem like a team
Having wine together for them is a dream

Terry is the lone male on the trip
His sense of humor is  often quite hip
Brenda  and her mom Bobbi are lots of fun
Taking lots of pictures and collecting junk until they are done

Nora is busy learning lots of stuff
With roots to this area she never has enough
Kelly is busy smiling and never sad
Dressing up for dinner trying to making us all look bad

Linda has to put up with me on this trip
I do what I can to keep her hip
I spent my time looking for chocolate and ice cream
In Tbilisi  & Yerevan I really found my dream

Thanks to everyone for making many days with great trips
I am sure  forever it will be on everyones lips
May our paths cross again real soon
Traveling is for us the real tune!

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