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Armenian Alphabet Park at the foot of Mt. Aragats, commemorating the 1600th anniversary (in 2005) of the creation of the Armenian alphabet by Mesrop Mashtots.

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Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan

The whole country of Armenia is like an open-air museum. It’s rich in stone structures, temples and churches created throughout the ages. The stone carvings on the rock formations of the Geghama Mountains, situated near Lake Sevan, serve as evidence of early civilization, and are the reflection of the early mythological thought, lifestyle, hunting practices, astronomical knowledge and other features of local prehistory. In the Ararat Valley, you will find the remnants of the Medzamour Bronze and Iron Age settlements – symbols of early urban civilization in Armenia.

The Armenians trace their history to the Sixth Century B.C. Throughout history, Armenia has been a battlefield for many invaders, contending empires, and a bridge for many cultures and civilizations. During the past 2,700 years, Armenia was conquered by the Persians, Alexander the Great, Rome, Byzantium, the Ottoman Turks and Russia. Invaders such as Arabs, Seljuks, Mongols, Tatars and Safavids also crossed Armenia.

Baku-oldcity1The other two countries in the Caucasus – Azerbaijan and Georgia – offer even more of the history and diversity of this region. All have spectacular natural beauty, and all three have much to offer the visitor. Mountain monasteries, ancient trade route caravanserais, unique cuisine, and much more.

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Sample Itineraries

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If you would like to visit Armenia independently, and it’s neighbors of Azerbaijan and Georgia, we can create a custom itinerary to meet your interests. Combine any of these countries with Turkey or Iran to connect the historical dots of the Ottoman or Persian empires.

Wine & Food Tours

winebottlesAre you interested in the history of wine, or maybe just enjoy learning about wines of the world? Get your wine-loving friends together and visit Georgia, the true birthplace of modern winemaking. Visit several grape growing regions, taste the wines and local cheeses, all while experiencing the vibrant and complex history of this tiny country of the Caucasus. Extend your experience by also visiting neighboring Armenia, also with a deep history of wine and brandy making, and a unique culinary style. Azerbaijan also offers those with an interest in culinary and wine tours two options for tours exploring the culinary traditions of Azerbaijan. We can customize each tour and you can go at any time. Just call us!

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Travel Information for the Caucasus

Some things to know about traveling to Armenia: Tourist class hotels are limited in number and can be very expensive. The major chains such as the Hyatt, Golden Tulip, Marriott, etc have properties in Yerevan, and can be booked up months in advance so it is essential to plan ahead for travel to Armenia. In other cities the hotels are smaller and can be more basic in their services. You will need a visa to travel to Armenia and you can obtain one quickly and easily online at http://www.mfa.am/eVisa/.

Travel to Georgia: Your visa for Georgia is obtained at the border when you cross from Azerbaijan or at the airport on arrival in Tbilisi. Tbilisi offers accommodation in large international hotels as well as smaller boutique hotels. Outside of Tbilisi you may stay in a guest house which is a small private B&B, most often with very limited rooms and sometimes a shared bathroom, but you will be able to interact with the locals and get a better taste of the local culture.

Travel to Azerbaijan: We are now able to offer an e-visa that is applied for in advance by our office in Baku, and issued on arrival. To use this service you must be booked on a tour through our company. Please note that we must submit the application, a COLOR Scan of your passport and a HIGH resolution passport photo several weeks before departure in order to obtain the visas. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Baku will not accept grey-scale scans of passports or low resolution photos for the applications. For more information about applying for the visa yourself, visit the Azerbaijan Embassy web page.

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