Continuation of Post #6 from Iran

September 16, 2008by Brenda Pierce

Subject: Re: Iran Travel 6 continued

I have just a little more time to finish my letter from last night.

My attempt is to give you impressions of what it is like here in Iran. Snippets of my experiences may help give you another perspective of this country. The only way to find out what Iran is like is of course to come here.

I learned that visas are not hard to get IF you go on an organized tour like the one I am on. Getting a visa for an individual from America is next to impossible. Americans must hire an Iranian guide while in the country. That is not to say the guide has to be with you 24 hours a day. But, the cities of interest and places of stay have to be arranged for Americans. For Australians, Germans, Japanese, etc. you are free to roam the country without guide. If you have an Israeli stamp in you passport you will not be allowed entry.

Alcohol is forbidden. Having alcohol is worse than possessing drugs. Having said that our guide says that people do buy and drink alcohol in their private homes. Think the prohibition.

People are very pleasent in Esfahan. Again I have had the same conversatoins about the U.S. and Iran about how the people can get along, why not our governments.

Yesterday we visited an artist who paints miaturettes. His work is excellent and I have taken pictures of his work. He has some exquisite jewlery boxes that are selling for $3500. I didn’t buy one.

Got to go my time is out. -Dane

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