Countdown to our first tour of the fall season!

August 20, 2008by Brenda Pierce

With only a couple of weeks left until the kickoff tour of our fall season, things have been buzzing around the Caravan-Serai office. Iran is the first tour, and we are finalizing the visas and preparing all of our predeparture materials for the participants.

This tour is now sold out, something not many people would have expected considering the current political climate between the US and Iran. But the fact remains that Iran is one of our most popular destinations! In spite of efforts to portray Iran as a country bent on disrupting the Middle East and threatening the existance of Israel, word seems to have gotten out that the people of Iran are warm and welcoming, and want to have Americans visit their country. They want to show off their country that has a rich history and culture as well as a varied landscape – from desert to high mountains, to lush forests.

So this tour departs in two weeks, followed by our tour to Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon, which is also at capacity, and a similar tour to Jordan and Syria, which is sold out as well. Right now our small office is bustling with activity as we prepare for these groups and make arrangements for our independent travelers who will be going to Morocco, Tunisia, Dubai, Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, and many other destinations this fall and winter. Over the next few months, things are going to be cazy, but somehow we get it done every year, year after year.

Be sure to check back for updates from Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, and more in the coming weeks!!

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