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October 17, 2016by Brenda

mp_icon-ai_One of the least appealing parts of travel is the line at Customs and Immigration on your return. Well here is something that should make that process a lot easier and go faster – much faster: Mobile Passport Control (MPC), the first authorized app to expedite a traveler’s entry process into the United States.

Linda, our SCM Missions coordinator, recently returned from abroad and used the app to get through customs at Dulles International Airport. She said that using the app saved her a ton of time, in fact she estimated that from the time she got off the plane to exiting customs took about 20 minutes using MPC – that included getting her luggage and getting it on the conveyor belt to be checked in to her onward flight to Seattle. I can tell you, from my recent experience in Seattle, without the app, I spent well over an hour in line. Five very full international flights had all landed right around the same time. If I had the Mobile Passport app I would have also just breezed through and been on my way while everyone else was waiting in line for the kiosks or a customs officer.

So before your next trip oversees, download the app for your smartphone, create your account, and when you are ready to travel, enter your return flight details. You have the option of doing all this in advance and then save for later, or do it right upon your arrival back in the US, fill out the form, hit submit, then go to the Mobile Passport line – where you will likely find no line at all.

You can learn more about the app here on the Customs and Immigration website:


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