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Valentine’s Day in the Middle East

Happy Valentine’s Day! We generally think of this day as an American celebration of love and romance that is completely commercialized and completely American. I think the US is responsible for the commercialization of St. Valentine’s Day, and it has spread somewhat to other countries. However in Estonia and Finland, February 14th is called Friend’s...

Persian Architecture

Both modern and historical Persian architecture are something to behold. Enjoy this video about a renowned architect and learn a little bit about the history of Master Hossein Lorzadeh.

On June 4th, 2015 a group of us headed from the U.S.A to Iran to start an 11 day tour of Iran. We started our journey in the capital city of Tehran. From there, we explored many historic sites of Iran: Shiraz, with the tombs of Iran’s most beloved poets; Persepolis, with its splendid monuments;...

Iran Tours – An Amazing Experience

We have three group tours scheduled for 2015, so here is your opportunity to see what all the buzz is about. Travel writers, magazines, and more have finally recognized what a great destination Iran is. Americans are welcome, very welcome to come visit and experience Persian hospitality, culture, and history first hand. The downside to...

Farewell, Iran! Until Next Time!

Our tour of Iran came to a conclusion and it was time to come home – we had traveled approximately 3200 miles on this tour. What a different experience this time from 5 years ago! The people are just as welcoming and friendly as before, but it’s a new day in Iran for sure. We...

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