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Morocco Update

Greetings from Caravan-Serai Tours! We have received the following update from our partner in Morocco: In Morocco the situation is improving, and getting better and better, the vaccination campaign is progressing very well, so, the worst is behind us. The Moroccan government has decided to extend the state of emergency until June 10th, perhaps it...

Best Finds in Morocco

Heading to Morocco? Awesome! Morocco is an amazing country with plenty to see and do. You will no doubt have plenty of opportunities to try traditional Moroccan dishes, see the famous sights and take lots of photos. But what should you look for that you can bring home and every time you see it be...

Introduction to Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco, located on the northwestern “corner” of the African continent, is truly a melting pot of cultures and traditions. Arab, Berber, and European influences are prevalent throughout the country. Morocco is on what was once known as the Barbary Coast, named for the Berbers that dominated in the region, a name used...

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