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Egypt Travel Update

At this time, the travel restrictions to Egypt include the following: All passengers travelling to Egypt (including Egyptians) must be in possession of negative PCR test certificate for COVID-19, taken at a maximum of 72 hours before their flight departure time. Passengers travelling from Japan, China, Thailand, North America, South America, Canada, London Heathrow, Paris, and...

Morocco Update

Greetings from Caravan-Serai Tours! We have received the following update from our partner in Morocco: In Morocco the situation is improving, and getting better and better, the vaccination campaign is progressing very well, so, the worst is behind us. The Moroccan government has decided to extend the state of emergency until June 10th, perhaps it...

We found this posted in the International Travel News, a publication that highlights direct experiences of its readers. Although it is an older post and conditions in Libya have taken it off our list of destinations, this highlights our capabilities that continue for clients on any trip today and into the future. In September ’05,...

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