From Maha in Egypt

April 3, 2012by Brenda Pierce

I finally set down to email you, I have a couple of hours before I go out this morning,

Here, all is OK, I’m with family and friends all the time, its really nice as you know, the weather is amazing and I am in summer clothes and they are still wearing coats, sweaters and boots. The traffic is awful and very very busy – worse then last year, they drive in all directions and there are no rules anymore, a huge mess but fun.

As for what people feel with all whats happening they are very worried and actually this time most of them are not sure any more if the revolution was a good idea. They can’t see anything positive yet, the religious movements are soooo strong. Yesterday we drove thru the main street in Heliopolis to see the really religious muslim people chanting and rooting for the Salafi guy who is a presidential candidate, and then some say that the army will take over. Still nobody knows how it will end up.

With all that said, we still go out almost every night and have fun, lots of restaurants and coffee shops and shishas, of course. Service is booming, you can order anything by phone and have it delivered to your house, even the doctor comes to you if you need him, but you also see a lot of poor people and kids running thru the cars begging for money.

All my friends are doing good and my family too.

I LOVE EGYPT, such a special country and the best place for a vacation.

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