Hawaii Adventure – Day 1

November 17, 2012by Brenda Pierce

Zena, our Jordan specialist, is in Hawaii learning about Hawaiian adventure vacations. She is from our office in Jordan. These are her reports from Oahu.

Day 1:
It was a really beautiful morning at the Waikiki beach, we had breakfast and we started our adventure by heading to Pu’u Ohi’a for a 5 mile downhill bike ride which was really amazing as the views and the scenery we got to experience were absolutely fantastic! We took a break before reaching the bottom of the hill where we got to have lunch with a fantastic view of the city and Waikiki Beach.

After that we went to hike in the O’ahu volcanic rain forest which is on private property and is leased to the hike and bike company. On this hike we got to see many kinds of tropical plants and flowers, huge veins hanging down from trees, a poison dart frog and much more… then, we finally reached the amazing waterfall we were supposed to see which is 200 feet high, so we took a break and had some fresh passion fruit and started off on the way back. But we took a different trail, It was the Bamboo trail which was mostly thousands and thousands of bamboo trees which we were walking through. It was so much fun going through that trail as we started suggesting names for it, I called it “The ape trail” as some of us got in touch with the inner child within us as we were leaning and grabbing on to the bamboo trees for support in order not to slide in the mud while hiking down, so we felt like apes or Tarzan. A woman suggested the name “The Hula skirt trail” as the bamboo tree roots look like a Hula skirt and there were so many exposed so it looked like Hula skirts everywhere!

We finally reached the end of our adventure for the day, went back to the hotel to get some rest and charge up for the next adventure.

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