Hawaiian Adventure – Day 2 & 3

November 17, 2012by Brenda Pierce

On the second day, we went Wai’anae boat harbor to start our ocean adventure.we got on a boat and enjoyed sailing for a while till we got to our destination which was a “Turtle wash” where sea turtles go and get their backs cleaned on rocks, we went snorkeling to see them and got to watch their behavior. It was a really nice and enjoyable experience. Then we got on the boat again, our next destination was dolphins!

We kept on sailing till we spotted dolphins, they were swimming net to us and jumping in the water and spinning in the air. It was fantastic!

That was not all, things got even better when we stopped the boat and went snorkeling for the second time, but this time swimming with the dolphins. There were so many of them and you could see the baby dolphins swimming next to their mommies and practicing their jumps spinning in the air… That was the highlight of the day!

Day three was a very nice day as we started it off by heading to Hanauma bay for another different experience of snorkeling. Here it was the opposite of what we did the previous day as the water was very shallow and there is more fish. It was very relaxed and calm, all we had to do is float and enjoy the reef and the various kinds of fish and eel swimming with you, not even bothering to move away as if you are one of them.

After that we went to a nice restaurant for lunch and dessert, and then we got ready for the second adventure for the day which was hiking the Le’ahi (Diamond head) crater.

It was a very nice moderate hike. We stopped a few times on the way up to take some pictures of the gorgeous panoramic views of the ocean, the island and Coco head crater. The hike down was very easy and breezy, the wind was very refreshing as we came to the end of the adventures of our day.

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