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May 10, 2010by Brenda Pierce

As I look back on the last two weeks, I realize how much ground we covered on our tour of Tunisia and Morocco. I also realized how many typos I made in my previous posts from what I have now found out is the French keyboard! I have gone back and corrected the typos (I hope I got them all!).

You never realize how much you get used to things being one way, and not even considering that there could be a different way, then you find yourself in a foreign country and can’t type worth beans. A good analogy, I think, to remind us that there is a whole wide world out there where things are different than here in the US. It may be frustrating at first, but you come to realize that is normal for someone else. It adds to the experience and broadens your horizons. If everything were the same all over then there would be no need to travel, right?

So my next task is to go through all the photos and get some posted to give everyone an idea of the sites we visited, the landscape, and the people of Tunisia and Morocco. There are over 1500+ photos to go through so it may take a few days to get it done!

It was a wonderful experience, and much different than traveling to the Levant, or the Arabian Peninsula. Here it is Berber nomads rather than Bedouin. There is a strong French influence on government structure and administration and the education system. And while there are a few Christian churches, they are mostly a result of the French, rather than having deep roots in the region like they do in Syria, Jordan, and Egypt.

If you have been to the other regions before, and think that Tunisia and Morocco won’t be anything new, please rethink that idea. You will be amazed at the differences from the blending of Arab, European, and Berber cultures. The food is much different, too, and quite delicious!

If you have any questions about the tour, Tunisia or Morocco, drop us a line!

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