Home in Seattle at last

September 26, 2011by Brenda Pierce

Sept 20:  Made my connection in Paris and off to Seattle and I am hoping for some cool weather and rain.  That flight was also full, and when arriving at SeaTac I noticed that about 3/4 of the people were going into the visitors lane and the others were the US citizens.  Wondering why they are all coming to Seattle and if they are working or just visiting?  Customs was very strict here, I usually come into Chicago or New York and even SFO which is very easy.  I asked the guy at customs why they were strict with food products like nuts etc- and he said that it is a smaller airport and they don’t get as much international traffic as the other airports so they have more time to really check things. I spent about a half hour talking to them to see what people can and can’t bring in – it seems that Jordan has been cleared for a lot of food items. If you try and bring food items like pumpkin seeds or nuts, from Lebanon, they won’t be allowed. But if they came from Jordan (package says Jordan on it) then it is ok.

Nice to be home and sleep in my big bed and have Omar (my Yorkie) sleeping above my head.

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