How are tours are shaping up for 2014

March 25, 2014by Brenda

Here is a summary of the tours we have scheduled for 2014. Some have already sold out, but others have space available. If you need further information on any of these, you can go to our Groups tab at the top of the page, a list drops down, and you can click on the tour you want to see more about. You can also call us in the office at 800-451-8097 or 206-545-7300 if you are in the Seattle area.

June 8-22: Morocco and Tunisia

September 14-26: Jordan and Israel

September 22 – October 8: Iran

October 3-24: Armenia and Iran

October 25 – November 8: Azerbaijan and Georgia

Yes, you can combine the Armenia-Iran tour with the Azerbaijan-Georgia tour! We have had a few people ask about this, and it is possible, with just a few considerations regarding the relationship between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Just call us and ask!


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