Impressions of Iran #6

September 16, 2008by Brenda Pierce

I think i might be missing a few posts from Iran, but I wanted to get this one posted. When I get the others they will be posted ASAP. Thanks for visiting!!

Subject: Iran Travel 6
Start with this image: Iranian parents walking hand in hand with their little girl who is just begining to walk. Her shoes squeek with each step that she takes. The shoes help her learn faster because she can coordinate her steps with the sound of each shoe hitting the pavement. Unfortuantely, I didn’t get a picture.

Because I had read a lot of news about the politics between Iran and the United States before I arrived here, I had the notion that the Iranian military would be visible and everywhere on the streets. This couldn’t be a more wrong picture. We are now in Esfahan which has roughly a population of 1,000,000. There is no visible militray present in any of the cities we have visited. We have driven past small bases with manned gaurd towers high above, but rarely do we see anyone other than policemen in uniform. So, this was a surprise for me. My origianl view was not accurate.

Esfahan is a lovely city with a large river running through it. Esfahan is a city of bridges, 400 year old bridges. In fact, all of Persia is full of ruins and ancient sites of civilization. I can’t go into Pesian history because one could spend their entire life studying the different rulers and eras, starting several hundred years before the birth of Christ.

The people on my tour are all Americans. We have a couple who are Japanese American, a Chinese American, a Filopenea American, and the rest of us of European decent. We are all 100 percent American, and everyone is extremely well traveled. Quite a few are travel agents in their own right, most are retired.

The typical food we have been having is a kabob of lamb, chicken, and fish with rice. Tonight we had a deep dish pizza and it was quite good.

I have to cut this short because my time is about to run out, but I’ll send another dispatch from IRan. -Dane

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