Iran in the Tourism Spotlight

January 6, 2014by Brenda

Iran wants American tourists, and a boomlet has begun,0,2169410.story#ixzz2pf0zEQl5


The above link is to an article written about the new surge in interest in travel to Iran. Caravan-Serai has been organizing group and private tours to Iran since about 1999. Here is what one recent client said about her experience on our tour to Iran:

“I went on a 2 week tour in 2011 with Rita Zawaideh’s Caravan-Serai Tours. It was the most rewarding tour I’ve ever taken.

The history and culture are amazing. There was a small group of 5 Americans, assembled at the arrivals section in Tehran’s  Imam Khomeini Intl. Airport
around midnight. We had come from all areas of the U.S., with one thing in mind, to explore the incredible culture and history of Iran. I took Lufthansa via Frankfort, which, from LAX,
has good connections.

 Our local guide, Bahman, was instrumental in our enjoyment and education. He would stop at markets everywhere, and buy us local treats. He explained everything to us, in perfect English.

The  hotels we stayed at were very modern in Tehran, Shiraz & Esfahan. We stayed at lovely caravanserai style hotels in Kerman and Yazd. I have to say, being the only tourists in Kerman, and hearing a nightingale sing, was a highlight of the trip for me.. Many Eastern Europeans were on huge tour buses. We were fortunate to be such a small group.

Persepolis was a wonder to behold.

I cannot tell you how wonderful and hospitable the people were. I  speak a little Farsi, so I felt comfortable going out by myself, but everyone felt
comfortable and safe enough to wander about.

The food was delicious. It’s totally seasonal, so whatever is growing is served, delightfully. We had fresh food wherever we went, and always, the best
rice in the world!

I cannot recommend Caravan-serai Tours enough. I’ve traveled with them to Syria (omg what a beautiful country that was!), Jordan, Lebanon, Oman & Dubai,
they’re a great tour operator.”

~Kathy H, Iran 2011


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