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Home to one of the world’s oldest civilizations, Iran will leave you sated with culture and history. The warmth of her people, the beauty of Iran’s natural world, and the magnificence of the monuments will make you wonder why you waited so long to succumb to her allure.

Caravan-Serai Tours has been leading groups to Iran since 1999. Our staff have all visited Iran, and we know the ins and outs of travel there for Americans. Iran is an amazing destination, not to be missed! We offer group and private custom tours. If you are interested in a custom tour, just give us a call.

Iran Tours

Travel to Iran for Americans is possible and just takes a little planning. Caravan-Serai Tours has been taking clients to Iran for over 20 years. Join one of our set group departures or let us create a private tour just for you or your group. Whether you are interested in seeing the highlights and getting an overview of Iranian history in a week, or want a more in-depth look at the culture, history, cuisine, and encounters with Iranians of all walks of life over a month, we can arrange it for you.

Please keep in mind that the visa process takes time, so we must be able to apply for it about 90 days before you plan to travel. The visa process for Americans is a 2-step process: first applying for the authorization (usually the most time-consuming part of the process!) and second is getting the visa stamp in your passport. If you are not traveling with an American passport, you may be able to get your visa on arrival but will still require authorization. Just contact us with any questions about travel to Iran and we are happy to answer them.

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What to wear in Iran

This can seem a bit intimidating for women travelers, but in reality, it’s easy to find clothing that will be appropriate for wear in Iran. Women are wearing loose, comfortable pants with tops that go below their hips, and at least 3/4 length sleeves, and scarves. Men can wear short sleeved shirts but no tank tops or shorts.

Suggested Pre-Trip Reading

Below are a selection of books about Iran – history, culture, travel, international relations, food and language – available on Amazon. These are just suggestions to help you familiarize yourself a bit before you travel. Of course there are many more books to read on the subject, but hopefully these will get you started.

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