Kudos for Caravan-Serai Tours

July 25, 2019by Brenda

We found this posted in the International Travel News, a publication that highlights direct experiences of its readers. Although it is an older post and conditions in Libya have taken it off our list of destinations, this highlights our capabilities that continue for clients on any trip today and into the future.

In September ’05, my wife and I began a trip that was supposed to last six and a half weeks and cover Jordan, Egypt and Libya. The arrangements were made by Rita Zawaideh, president of Caravan-Serai Tours (3806 Whitman Ave. N., Seattle, WA 98103; phone 800/451-8097 or visit www.caravan-serai.com).

To save time and expense, Rita arranged for us to obtain our visas upon arrival in each country, procured a special Letter of Invitation for Libya and arranged for a representative to be waiting in Tripoli to assist us in processing our visas.

The trip began smoothly, with an excellent tour of the highlights of Jordan, including a chance for me to scuba dive the Gulf of Aqaba. Caravan-Serai’s in-country representative, Basel Sawalha, carefully monitored our daily progress, and when the high-speed ferry we were to take to transfer to Sharm el Sheikh was suddenly canceled, he immediately stepped in and scheduled air flights for us to Sharm at no additional cost! Our itinerary never skipped a beat.

To read the rest, click here to go to the article.

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