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August 4, 2011by Brenda Pierce

After quite a tumultuous spring in the Middle East and here at Caravan-Serai Tours, we are looking forward to getting back to “normal” this fall. People are starting to get over the shock of what happened in the wake of a demand for democracy in decidedly un-democratic countries, are are beginning to think about traveling there again.

Of course, there are still places we do not recommend you travel to, such as Libya, Syria and Yemen, but destinations such as Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Iran, and Saudi Arabia are safe. We also have a group planned for Oman and Dubai this fall!

Be sure to check our website (which is undergoing renovation right now!) to see the latest tour offerings. Join us in Turkey next spring, or Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia in April 2012. And as always, we can do private tours to any of our destinations.

It’s been a crazy spring, but we are getting back on track with travel to the Middle East and North Africa, and we hope you will too!

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