New Dress Code in Sharjah, UAE

August 10, 2009by Brenda Pierce

Just received from our coordinator in the UAE:

“Dear Rita,
Please be informed that there is a new ‘Dress Code’ policy for all Sharjah related excursions.
With immediate effect, Male guests have to ensure that they are not wearing any jewellery such as earrings, bracelets, chains, necklaces, rings, etc. when going on any ‘Sharjah’ related excursions such as ‘Sharjah-Ajman City Tour, Sharjah/Ajman Walking Tour, etc.
The ‘Code of Conduct’ from the Sharjah Government requires that the above is implemented and respected in all cases.”

So please be advised, if you are traveling to the UAE and Sharjah in particular, keep this dress code in mind.

Thank you!

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