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September 26, 2011by Brenda Pierce

Sept 15:  Still in Madaba and listening to the news that there is a demonstration in downtown Amman.  The Israeli ambassador has left Jordan for security reasons, and the Palestinians and Jordanians are demonstrating in front of the American embassy and burning the flag. They are not happy with America’s total acceptance of  Israel’s actions and policies. Especially with what is happening in Gaza. The demonstrators are peaceful and the soldiers and police stay to the side so that nothing happens.  They feel if they go into the crowd it will cause problems.

People still go about their business and try and keep a sense of calm.  There are tensions between the Palestinians and the Jordanians and also the Christians and the Muslims. Everyone is watching what is happening in Syria to see if it will spill over into this area.  So far nothing.  The Christians have a feeling that if the Christians are kicked out of Syria and sent to Lebanon, as some of the slogans that are being shouted say, the same will happen to them here.  But neighbors and friends are talking to each other and say that we are still friends and families, there is no way that anything like this will happen.

These are topics of conversation all over the country in coffee shops, in homes, and in restaurants etc.

Had a BBQ today with friends and family. We had all kinds of meat and salads and Arak in the hot sun. Singing and dancing and playing the tabla.

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