October Update

October 1, 2020by Brenda1

Happy October 1st!

As this pandemic crisis continues on, and even though we have closed our office, we are still thinking about traveling and learning about the cultures and people of or destinations. We are looking forward to the days when you can grab your passport and hop on a plane and experience the world for yourself.

So what can you do while waiting for the day when we can travel abroad again? Here are some tips and ideas.

  • Make sure your passport is ready to go when you are. If you have 6 months or less left until it expires, get it renewed now! It could take much longer than you expect to get your renewed passport back because the passport offices are running on reduced staff and resources. Pan on up to 3 months to get your new passport back. Visit the US Government website for passport application and renewal information: https://www.usa.gov/passport¬†
  • Where do you want to go most? Make a travel bucket list and then prioritize it. Then think about maximizing your travel time. Do you have two countries that are close together? Think about combining them in one trip.
  • Having a travel planning folder helps to keep information organized for future reference – whether it is a physical fie folder or a folder on your computer desktop where you can drop files easily – it will help you get organized and make planning a breeze. I have found that for projects that will involve visiting websites, making lists, saving pictures, etc, Microsoft’s One Note is really helpful. It will sync to an app for your phone so no matter where you are you can always add to your trip planning file! I am sure there are equivalent apps out there, so use the one that works best for you.
  • What if you know you want to travel more, but don’t know where to go? Pinterest is always an good source for endless ideas of places to travel. You can search on activities, regions, food, anything! Create boards on Pinterest to collect your ideas and keep them organized.
  • Cooking tour in MoroccoCan’t wait to travel to get a taste of the world? Caravan-Serai has posted numerous recipes for popular dishes from all of our destinations. Pick a country and make a family dinner with recipes from that country. Involve your family so everyone can learn about the foods and culinary traditions of your chosen dining destination. If your interest is Morocco, for example, here is a recipe for the iconic Moroccan dish – tagine. To find more recipes on our blog just click on the tag for Cooking and all cooking and culinary related posts will come up – even those from past 12 Days of Caravan-Serai Cooking! And here is a list of dishes for all the Arab countries in the Arab League: https://www.arabamerica.com/you-have-to-try-these-22-most-popular-dishes-from-every-arab-country/

Caravan-Serai Inn

We are taking bookings now for our Caravan-Serai Inn! If you are planning a visit to Seattle for business or pleasure, why not stay in a freshly renovated apartment with easy access to downtown, Ballard, Fremont, and more. Explore all the sightseeing and dining options (and there are many!) within walking distance, a short bus ride, or easy drive. To check availability and book, click here: Caravan-Serai In on Air BnB.

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  • Peggy Scanlon

    October 2, 2020 at 9:00 am

    I’ve traveled a few times with CaravanSerai–one time it was Syria and another was Yemen–great trips!


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