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Luxury spas, rugged mountains, center of the ancient frankincense trade and so much more…

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Oman is a country for which we do independent tours, but for which we rarely create set-departure group tours. If you would like to have a tour of this fascinating country created just for you, please give us a call! Short stays of just a few days to a week or more. The tours below can easily be combined with a tour of the United Arab Emirates, just call us for more information.


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[button url=”http://www.caravan-serai.com/3-day-oman-tour-option-1″ target=”_self” size=”small” style=”violet” ]3 Day Oman Tour               [/button]    [button url=”http://www.caravan-serai.com/oman-4-day-tour” target=”_self” size=”small” style=”teal” ]4 Day Oman Tour               [/button]

[button url=”http://www.caravan-serai.com/oman-5-day-tour” target=”_self” size=”small” style=”periwinkle” ]5 Day Oman Tour              [/button]    [button url=”http://www.caravan-serai.com/oman-7-day-tour” target=”_self” size=”small” style=”fire” ]7 Day Oman Tour               [/button]

[button url=”http://www.caravan-serai.com/wp/8-day-oman-tour” target=”_self” size=”small” style=”golden” ]8 Day Oman Tour               [/button]    [button url=”http://www.caravan-serai.com/wp/10-day-oman-tour” target=”_self” size=”small” style=”forestgreen” ]10 Day Oman Tour             [/button]

[testimonial]During the trip to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Oman, I had a henna tattoo, bought a water pipe in the souk of Oman, went 4W driving through the sand dunes at sunset, was awed by the Grand Mosque, enjoyed a glamorous fashion show and learned more history. You were right about Dubai: Disneyland, Las Vegas and glitz all rolled into one. My family loved the photos of the ski resort inside the Emirates Mall, also the divers with tourists inside the aquarium![client_name]With much appreciation, Elena O. – Levantine Adventure, March 2010[/client_name][/testimonial]


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