On the flight to Dubai

March 9, 2012by Brenda Pierce

Here is a post from Rita about the flight experience on the new Seattle-Dubai route of Emirates Air.

The Emirates is really a very interesting group of people that are flying this carrier. It is definitely more multicultural then any other flight I have ever taken. If you take Royal Air Maroc most of the people will be Americans or Moroccans. When flying Saudi Airlines you will have Saudis and also Americans and Europeans. But this flight you have Ethiopians, Europeans, Indians Pakistani, etc. You have flight attendants that from all different countries. On the flight I am on you have almost 11 languages spoken. You have people that have never been on an airplane, which I have not seen since the early 70’s when traveling with Royal Jordanian. I talked to the flight attendants and they also mentioned the same thing.

I was so hoping that I would be on one of the newer Emirate airplanes that would have a shower in the first class cabin, but it turns out that is only on the New York, London, and other Dubai to Europe flights, but not on the Seattle leg yet. They do have the individual cabins with the bed and a sink and bathroom and the door closes and you can really sleep, but no shower! This is the Boeing 777-200 fleet.

The service is good and the flight attendants are really very good and quite considerate and accommodating to all the people. The food is excellent for plane food – lots of different choices. Also there are over 100 choices for movies – from the top shows to the older shows from the late 50’s.

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