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Algeria, in spite of the small number of tourists that visit each year, is a fascinating country. It has wealth of historical sites, including many designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is also a diverse country with major cities along the coast that are products of the many invaders and conquerors from the sea, to the interior desert and mountains that are home to the Tuareg people. Algeria has much to offer the visitor!

Officially known as the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, this North African country is considered the second largest country on the entire African continent and the largest on the Mediterranean Sea. The capitol city is Algiers. In the past, Algeria was a popular tourist destination until the civil war in 1992 brought the tourism industry down. Tourist arrivals started to improve by small increments beginning early 2000, when the Sahara region covered by Algerian territory was opened to tourists.

Despite the lack of tourists, Algeria is a fascinating country. Places of interest include the regions of Tassili N’Ajjer and Hoggar, both listed as UNESCO Heritage Sites, where local color is rife in the everyday lives of traditional Algerian tribes. There is also the Algiers, where the old school and the modern meet to showcase an interesting mix of Algeria’s colonial past and hopeful present. Timimoun provides visitors a slice of the Sahara desert while in Sajah is made interesting by the sand dunes that divide the region into two.

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