Azerbaijan: Land of Fire

A small country with a unique landscape, history, modern and ancient cities, central to the silk route from the east.

Azerbaijan is a former Soviet Republic located on the western shores of the Caspian Sea, tucked in between the sea and the Caucasus Mountains. It is bordered by Russia, Georgia, Armenia, and Iran, and has been part of the Russian and Persian Empires. It is a small country made wealthy by oil, amazing and unique architecture, a vibrant old city and shining modern city in Baku, rolling green hills, traditions, and a beautiful landscape of mountains and the sea. Visit Azerbaijan for the history, the vibrant nightlife, the natural beauty, and of course, to meet the people.

Caravan-Serai has a variety of tours available for you to explore the best that Azerbaijan has to offer. Multi-country tours, culinary, wine, highlights, and more. We can do custom tours, bird watching tours, group and private tours.

Azerbaijan Tours

Caravan-Serai Tours offers both set departures and private/custom tours to Azerbaijan. Click on the tiles below for more information. The tours without dates and prices are sample itineraries and can be customized. Just give us a call or use the Contact Us link to send us a message with your questions.

Suggested Pre-Trip Reading

Below are a selection of books about Azerbaijan – history, culture, travel, international relations, food and language – available on Amazon. These are just suggestions to help you familiarize yourself a bit before you travel. Of course there are many more books to read on the subject, but hopefully these will get you started.

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