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If you, like so many others, dream of seeing the real land of the pharaohs, there has never been a better time. Tourism is encouraged and welcomed by the government and the people of Egypt.

Egypt has been, and continues to be one of the most celebrated countries in North Africa. Incredibly rich in archaeological wonders, cultural flavors and recreational options, Egypt is without a doubt high on the list of any seasoned traveler who intends to visit the highlights of the world in his or her lifetime.

Egypt’s archaeological treasures are second only to its people. When chatting with people in the street, in the hotel, and in the shops, you will find that the people of Egypt are unaffectedly friendly. Making time to meet new friends is the best way to reap the rewards of this country. Egypt is as ready to welcome the visitor as it has been in the past. With its waves of conquests and settlers, Egypt has constantly reached out, but always gives back something in return. The key to understanding Egypt is realizing that it is not merely a museum with inhabitants, but a constantly evolving culture.

Egypt comprises some 1,002,000 square kilometers and consists of four clearly defined geographic regions: the Nile Valley, the Western Desert, the Eastern Desert, and the Sinai Peninsula.

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