Viva Lebanon!

A small country with an indomitable spirit

Lebanon packs a lot of history, culture, adventure and more into a small space. History that goes back thousands of years, including numerous conquests, each empire leaving a distinct mark on this tiny nation. In the past it was referred to as the Paris of the Mediterranean, and even after a shattering conflict, Beirut is again a shining, bustling seaside city. Most of Lebanon’s major sites are within a day’s drive to visit and return to Beirut, and you can be up in the mountains at the snow line and within a few hours be swimming at the beach. The terrain is as varied and diverse and the people of Lebanon, who will show show you what joie de vivre (joy of living) really means!

Lebanon Tours

Lebanon can be visited on its own or easily combined with another country such as Jordan or Egypt. If you also want to visit Israel on the same trip, there are some things to take into consideration when planning, so be sure to contact us for the latest updates.

Suggested Pre-Trip Reading

Below are a selection of books about Lebanon – history, culture, travel, international relations, food and language – available on Amazon. These are just suggestions to help you familiarize yourself a bit before you travel. Of course there are many more books to read on the subject, but hopefully these will get you started.

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