Sultanate of Oman

Oman, located on the southeast corner of the Arabian Peninsula, is a unique country with a rich history, including evidence of human habitation going back over 5,000 years. The country is bounded on the north and west by the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen, and on the east by the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea.

The inhabitants of the area of Oman have long prospered on Indian Ocean trade. In the late 18th century, a newly established sultanate in Muscat signed the first in a series of treaties with Britain, who exercised a great amount of influence over the country, but it never became a British colony. In 1970, Qaboos bin Said al-Said overthrew, in a bloodless coup, the restrictive rule of his father, and has ruled as sultan ever since. Immediately upon taking over, he embarked on an extensive modernization program and has opened the country to the outside world while preserving the longstanding close ties with Britain. Oman’s moderate, independent foreign policy has sought to maintain good relations with all Middle Eastern countries.

Oman offers visitors modern conveniences alongside natural beauty, historical sites, luxury spas, rugged adventure and more.

Oman Tours

Oman is a country for which we do independent tours, but for which we rarely create set-departure group tours. If you would like to have a tour of this fascinating country created just for you, please give us a call! Short stays of just a few days to a week or more. The tours listed here can easily be combined with a tour of the United Arab Emirates, just call us for more information.

Suggested Pre-Trip Reading

Below are a selection of books about Oman – history, culture, travel, international relations, food and language – available on Amazon. These are just suggestions to help you familiarize yourself a bit before you travel. Of course there are many more books to read on the subject, but hopefully these will get you started.

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