Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Once forbidden to outsiders for tourism, Saudi Arabia is opening its doors to those who want to learn more about the country, see its historical and cultural treasures, and meet the Saudi people. Saudi Arabia can be a difficult place to get an understanding of without actually visiting. There are plenty of books and websites to read to try and get an idea of the country, but the average people and their way of life are almost unheard of outside the kingdom. We can read all about the oil, the deserts, the wealth and the royal family, but to really begin to understand the Saudi people, you have to meet them and talk to them on their terms.

Suggested Pre-Trip Reading

Below are a selection of books about Saudi Arabia – history, culture, travel, international relations, food and language – available on Amazon. These are just suggestions to help you familiarize yourself a bit before you travel. Of course there are many more books to read on the subject, but hopefully these will get you started.

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