Real ID Required by October 1 2020

February 25, 2020by Brenda

It’s finally here. The enforcement of Real ID to get on an airplane in the US will begin on October 1, 2020. This means that to fly domestically you will be required to have a Real ID compliant form of identification. This can be a new enhanced drivers’ license or your passport. To learn more about what is exactly required see this page from the TSA:

The process to get here has been a long one – 15 years! In 2005 the Congress passed the Real ID Act and it was originally scheduled to go into effect in 2008, then 2011, then 2013 but issues at the states level have pushed back the enforcement to this year. No more extensions! Your state must issue a compliant ID or you will need to use your passport even for domestic flights.

In Washington State, for example, you will need to make sure your drivers license has been renewed to be an Enhanced Drivers License. To do this, you need to bring specific documents with you when you go to the DMV that establish your identity and residency in WA. If you are from another state, please check here for each state’s requirements. You can check each state here: scroll down to the map and click on your state for more information.

Implementation is only 8 months away. Check your ID now and don’t be left behind at the TSA checkpoint for not having the required identification when you travel this fall. I’m “lucky” – this year I have to renew my passport and drivers license within about 3 months of each other!

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