Report from Aleppo

September 18, 2012by Brenda Pierce

Rita recently spoke with family members in Aleppo and her is what she heard from them:

I talked to family last night in Aleppo and they said this is the first time that they have had the shelling so close to home.  It is moving from the old city and the outskirts of Aleppo to the residential areas.  This is coming from both sides that are doing the shelling- we got the FSA that is working on the ground and then you have the Syrian military that is shelling from the air.  The people have no chance what so ever.
An aunt was able to get out and get to Turkey recently she hired a driver and the cost was $400 US per person to drive them the normally three hours to the border and this would take almost the whole day.  If you needed to take a car to Damascus the cost was even higher of $800 per person and then to get to Jordan by car it was $350.00.  As you can see with prices like this only a few are able to do that and others are walking to get out of the country if they can, carrying whatever they can take with them.  Usually it is food and some basic supplies and then things for the kids.
Like everything during the time of war inflation sets in and everything costs much more.  When talking to family they said they just leave the house to get some basic supplies that they need and come back home.  They are pretty much in their homes taking cover and listening to the radio or the government run TV station.  The other information they get is some thru internet, when they have electricity and then thru word of mouth of what is happening and what area of town not to go to and who has been killed recently.
The ones that are suffering the most from this are the children who will be growing up knowing only death and destruction and their parents or grandparent or siblings being killed and tortured.
It is so hard with the family so far away in war zones the airports are closed and there is no way out for now.  Medicine is running low and so are some basic food supplies, but they still have their spirits.
The news media has switched their attention to the anti-Islam movie and the violence that has caused, and are not really covering Syria and all the victims that are being killed on a regular basis.
Please do not forget Syria and its people.

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