Custom Tours

Custom Tours

Caravan-Serai Tours provides tour customization for private tours and groups to many of our destinations. If you want a private tour, or have a group with a special interest, we can put together a tour just for you. You will have your own transportation and guides, and groups can be from just one person to as many as you like (although we do recommend keeping groups under 16, we have the capacity to do larger groups). Families, clubs, special interest groups, university groups, and more have all come to us to create an experience of a lifetime.

If you have business in Dubai, but want to take advantage of being in the region, consider a week in Oman before heading home. If your church group wants to experience the holy land for themselves, we can arrange a private group tour of Israel and Jordan to visit the biblical sites on both sides of the Jordan River. If you have seen one of our group departures but can’t travel at that time, we can arrange a private tour that fits your schedule.

Here are some other ideas for a special tour:

    • Arts and architecture tour of Morocco
    • Wine tour of Georgia and/or Armenia
    • Caspian Sea Tour of Iran and Azerbaijan
    • Algeria Antiquities Tour
    • Turkish food and wine tour
    • And much, much more

We are happy to provide one free consultation, itinerary and price proposal. If the itinerary is not booked at that time, we require a non-refundable working fee of $150 to continue working and refining the itinerary. If you decide to book the tour, then the $150 is applied to the final balance due. If not, then there is no further obligation.

Please keep in mind when inquiring about a private custom tour:

    • Prices will be different from what you see for the group tours on our website due to difference in the size of the group, changes in pricing from hotels and other suppliers that we have no control over (our tour prices are guaranteed to us for the group dates only at the time we reserve them), time of travel, and other things outside of our control.
    • Any quote for your itinerary is only good at the time of the initial quote for the number of people and dates specified. If you decide not to book the itinerary, but revisit it at later date, we will need to reprice it in case there have been any changes.
    • Due to the many moving parts involved in a quote – dates, number of people, sites to be visited, availability and price of hotels, etc, we do not like to provide an off-the-cuff estimate. Sometimes people press us for a guess, and sometimes we have a fair idea of what the cost will be, but many times we don’t. And if we guess at the price but then were are wrong, no one is happy about that. So we recommend getting the first free consultation and itinerary quote that will give a much better idea and then you can decide if it really is in line with your budget or not.
    • Once you decide to book the tour, we require the $500 non-refundable deposit per person, and the signed registration forms, just like for our group tours.

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