Saudi Arabia Tour Kicks Off

February 13, 2012by Brenda Pierce
Rita has just arrived and met with the group in Saudi Arabia. She will be sending updates on what they are up to along the way. Here is her first installment. 
After 19 hours of flying time, I finally arrived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  The flight from Frankfurt to Riyadh was packed full of men.  The women on board the full  flight came to about 10.  You could also tell there were far more men on the flight every time you used the restrooms – the toilet seat was always up! Isn’t this something that married people always complain about?
I met the group at the hotel and got everyone checked in, then had dinner at the Radison Hotel. The food was great – a nice buffet.  Everyone has traveled a lot on this group and I think it will be very interesting.  One of my distant relatives from Jordan works for the Ministy of Tourism so he stopped by and brought a bunch of nice brochures that I will hand out to the clients tomorrow.

Going through customs and immigration at the airport was very easy and fast – no fingerprints taken, just curiosity about who we are and why we are there. 

The group is made up of 8 women and two men, plus the guide and the driver.  The guys are happy with the numbers.

We are getting up early tomrrow to get to the museum, walk around Riyadh and see a number of other things.  I will write about that and also get some pictures taken. It’s been a long day!

Good night for now.


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