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February 19, 2020by Brenda
Terrible Conditions for Refugees

Cold weather has been devastating in the Middle East these last few weeks. We have included things like blankets and kerosene heaters in our wish list for the next container, but we need to purchase as much as we can in Jordan right now. We are also trying to get aid to northern Syria where the humanitarian crisis has reached unimaginable proportions due to the war and extreme cold weather. People are literally freezing to death as they flee the violence in the region. Please donate to help us get them life-saving aid now.

Next Container to Jordan

SCM has had a busy start to the year. We are planning for a container to be loaded and sent to Jordan in the next few weeks and we are collecting clothing for Goodwill. The container is being loaded with items people have purchased from our Amazon Wish List that are sent to us direct through Amazon. Please take a moment to check out our list and if there is anything you can help us with please order. Anything helps!

Fighting closes in on displaced families in northwest Syria

A Syrian mother tells CNN’s Arwa Damon that her displaced family is trapped with nowhere safe to go as nearby fighting between rebels and Syrian government forces creeps closer, and winter’s cold takes it toll.

Clothing Drive

SCM is working with the Muslim Association of Puget Sound (MAPS) and the Muslim Community Resource Center in Redmond to hold another clothing drive with Goodwill. Goodwill pays SCM by the pound for all donated clothes and household soft goods such as bedding, towels, accessories, etc. All items must be dry and clean, no mildewy items please. The drive is going to be on March 15 from 10am to 4pm. The address is 17550 NE 67th Ct, Redmond, WA 98052. Please place all donations in plastic kitchen size garbage bags. All funds raised go to support SCM programs.

Salaam Cultural Museum

Stay on the lookout for more information about our Museum project. We are working to get a physical location for our collection of Middle Easter and North African cultural artifacts to be on permanent display. We are currently working on securing a building, then we will need to renovate the interior to make it suitable for a museum display and to house our other programs. We will be fundraising to begin work on a space and you can visit our website and sign up on the Museum mailing list to get updates on our progress.

New Life Fund

SCM has two new initiatives right now. The first is to raise money to support LGBTQI refugees get out of camps where they are being persecuted for their orientation, help them find a safe place to live while they await asylum in Canada and help with the fees associated with applying and getting to Canada. This is the New Life Fund and you can donate here.

Protecting Against Catching the Flu

The second initiative is hygiene and sanitizing to protect people, particularly children, against diseases such as the flu and conoavirus. SCM has partnered with S.H.I.E.L.D., a Jordanian company that provides a sanitizing service for public spaces such as offices, commercial airplanes, and other spaces to conduct hygiene seminars to refugee children. Read more here. 

Recent Distribution Photos

Here are a few images of recent distributions of aid in Jordan. We have been getting boots, heaters, blankets, solar lanterns, hot water bottles and warm clothes into the hands of the refugees.

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