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January 20, 2020by Brenda

SCM just did a drive to collect funds for rubber boots for the refugee children in Jordan. Our goal of $5000 was met in about 36 hours! We have asked for boots to be donated for our next container but we couldn’t wait for the container to be loaded and sent, they need the boots now. So we asked our donors for $5000 so we could wire the money and purchase boots in Jordan, and did they ever come through! Boots are being purchased for over 1200 children and distributed right away – 500 were given out on Friday December 17th. More will be given out over the next few days. The weather is getting very bad – cold and wet – in Jordan so this will have an immediate impact on the well-being of so many! Thank you! To see the photo gallery of the distribution on SCM’s website, click here.

Our next container is scheduled for February 29, 2020 and we are taking donations to fill that container now. We have an Amazon wish list at 

The situation in Greece continues to deteriorate for the refugees arriving there from Turkey. Syrian refugees are faced with the threat of being forcibly sent back to northern Syria, which is a war zone still, or fleeing Turkey for the Greek islands. The same tragedies we saw in 2015 are happening all over again – dangerously overloaded boats of refugees arriving on the shores of the islands to end up in camps not fit for human habitation. Or the boats sink on the crossing with many drowning, losing their lives in an attempt to find safety. SCM is helping by funding a women’s shelter so that women and children can get out of the dangerous camp environment. Donations can be made by clicking here.

If you would like to participate in a distribution when traveling to Jordan, let us know and we can arrange it. Also, if you are planning to travel to Jordan, consider taking a suitcase full of donations with you. This helps us save on freight and gets some items to the refugees faster than the container will get there. We have had numerous clients travel to Jordan and spend at least one day of their vacation distributing aid to the refugees living there. Here is a link to a post about two clients who took donations with them and then went with our SCM team to distribute those donations as well as other items the refugees were in need of.

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