May 28, 2013by Brenda

At this time Caravan-Serai is only doing humanitarian trips to Syria.  Due to the revolution in Syria, we have been working for the last 25 months with doctors in the US and taking them into Turkey and to Jordan to provide humanitarian/medical aid.  Some of them will go into Syria to help at field clinics and others will stay in Jordan and work with the Syrian refugees in the camps and in the cities. They are also assisting in Lebanon and on the Turkish borders.

If you are interested in learning what we are doing please go to our blog at Salaam Cultural Museum ( and you can read more about this.  We still have staff, partners and family in Syria and are in contract with them as much as we can due to the disruption of communication – we are not able to be in contact daily.

Our business partner in Damascus was kidnapped a little while ago and has now been released after a ransom was paid.  We are not sure who took him but it was an independent group.  He and his family are ok, but that is all we can tell you at this time.

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