Syrian Refugee Crisis

September 30, 2012by Brenda Pierce

The numbers are screaming out at us that by the end of the year 2012 we will have reached 700,000 refugees have fled Syria and are in the neighboring countries.  Most of these are in Jordan and more and more are coming.  This has become more then a humanitarian crisis of all proportions.  The neighboring countries are not able to handle the influx of new arrivals.  In the last week you had over 2,000 arrive at the camp in Jordan.  They are full , the NGO’s had estimated that they would be reaching 185,000, but they have surpassed that and that is the new figure that have arrived at for now.
The UNHCR is not callling this business as usually any longer – before this they were receiving about 1,000 to 2,000 a week, they are receiving this on a daily basis as the killing goes on and their is no intervention from outside sources.
 “So it really is a completely different speed of emergency response, responding to the best of our ability to basically to provide the very, very minimum for people who arrive and flee and arrive in a traumatized state once they cross the border,”   Some have been displaced many times before leaving Syria and are in need of immediate humanitarian assistance.  They are coming with just the clothes on their backs
One camp in Jordan that was opened two-months-ago hosts more than 30,000 Syrians.  Another camp in northern Iraq has more than 27,000.  In Turkey, almost 88,000 refugees live in 13 camps. Two new camps were opened in Turkey 2 weeks ago and they are already full. UNHCR reports that women and children make up 75 percent of the Syrian refugee population.

Please we need you to open your hearts to what is happening to the innocent civilians – women, children and the elders and the handicapped.  They have no idea how long they will be here.  The harsh weather is approaching.  We want to try and get more doctors to the region to work on the effects of trauma on these children and how it will effect them later in life.  The other NGO are working on getting shelter and food and we want to help with the mental strain that this is causing.
Anything that you are able to do would be appreciated by all
Thank you

Please go to to donate to help Syrian refugees in Jordan.

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