Time to come home

September 26, 2011by Brenda Pierce

Sept 19: What is so interesting in just the six months since my last visit is to see a high percentage of the people wearing their religion on their sleeve, so to speak. The Muslims from the way that the women dress and the Christians are wearing their crosses.  Either I have never noticed it before, or it is much more obvious now- not really sure, but not a comfortable feeling, but I do hear that throughout the region.

The wind started to blow this evening and it was so pleasant to sit for the last time out in the orchard and work on my computer doing some emails. I had just gotten a call from a journalist that was planning on coming to Jordan and wanted me to set him up with my contacts to do a story on the region. Got that done along with some email introductions.  Friends came and said their good-byes before I had to leave to the airport (which has a really a great duty free shop for some last minute Arabic sweets and nuts).

The flight on Air France was full all the way to Paris.

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